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The ’thunder’ drums refer to the well-known, classic drums used to beat out a rhythm. As a result, playing them is very intuitive and requires no additional skills. Because it is so simple to play them, it is easy to embark on the adventure of playing outdoor musical instruments alone or with others. Up to three people can play these drums at the same time. You may want to add a bench for comfortable playing.

The drums are available in three sizes which differ in diameter and colour of the surface on which you beat out the rhythm. Each of the available models generates different tones, creating many possibilities for experimentation with friends. You can have fun with sound and rhythm spontaneously playing just the drums or combining them with other instruments available in the playground.

The instrument can be fixed to the ground with two anchoring systems:

Flat anchor – the best solution to install instruments on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete)

Concrete anchor – ensures a professional and stable installation of the instruments on soft surfaces (e.g. lawn, sand)

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